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Guangzhou Ruida Industrial Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Company Information

Guangzhou Ruida Industrial Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Ruida Industrial Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, is Omron, ABB, and IDEC and other industrial lines industry professional agents. The company has set up sixteen years, the industry has a high degree of credibility and visibility. Guangzhou was named as "Honored contract Good reputation" enterprise.

The company has been dedicated to industrial automation product sales agents and professional company, Omron, ABB, IDEC, Mitsubishi, Fuji, Schneider and other world-renowned industrial brand special agents. As the company continues to grow, our company has a number of branches and sub-agents throughout the Pearl River Delta, customers across the country, forming a complete professional system, improve sales service network. To provide our clients with quality service and professional technical support.

Main: relays, photoelectric switches, proximity switches, thermostats, optical amplifiers, level switches, encoders, switching power supply, limit switches, buttons, switches, contactors, motor starters, GFCI, PLC, power distribution box, surge protectors, such as weak products.

Omron products

OMRON relay MY / LY / MK series

Photoelectric switch E3JK / E3JM / E3Z / E3S / E3F3 series,

Proximity Switch E2E / TL / EE / fiber E3X / E32 series,

Temperature, liquid level switches, encoders, switching power supply series,

Omron relay H3BA / H3CR / H5CX series,

Limit switch: Z / D4MC / HL / WL series

ABB products

MCB: SH200-C / D series, GSH200 (electronic GFCI)

Miniature circuit breakers S200 series, GS201 residual current operated protective devices

Terminal distribution box, surge protectors, low capacitance

MCCB FORMUILA, Tmax (earth leakage circuit breaker), Isomax (S-type, earth leakage circuit breaker)

Dual power automatic transfer switch DPT-CB010

AC contactor A, D-type and thermal relays, B, A, AF type (three) capacitor contactors UA and Accessories

Building Contactors ESB / motor unit from Au -MS116 / 325/450/495 series

Electronic time relay -CT series, pluggable relay -CR series

Industrial connectors

OT isolation switch, fuse switch disconnectors

-M-Type terminals (screw clamp connection button indicator CP / CM series

IDEC Series

Small relay -RM, RY, RU, RH series

YW / TW series of control buttons, etc.

Mitsubishi series

AC contactor thermal relay -SN -TH Series GFCI -NY